The following listed companies have appointed us as Registrars to handle their Share Ledgers in the recent past.

  • Swarnamahal Financial Services PLC
  • Ramboda Falls Company PLC
  • Amana Bank PLC

Company secretarial services

We have further strengthened our position as one of the leading Company Secretarial firms by being appointed as Secretaries to over 15 companies in the recent past.

We have successfully completed the large number of Debenture IPO’s for the year 2013 and 2014 to date. We have successfully completed the Amana Bank PLC share IPO recently. Few of the Debenture IPO’s done recently is given below.

  • Housing Development Finance PLC
  • Nation Trust Bank PLC
  • National Development Bank PLC
  • Citizen Development Bank PLC
  • Abans PLC
  • Hemas Holding PLC
  • Richard Pieris & Company PLC
  • Kotagala Plantation PLC
  • Bartleet Finance PLC
  • Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC
  • Peoples Leasing and Finance PLC
  • Softlogic Holding PLC

Payroll Processing

We have added the under mentioned companies to our payroll cliental in 2014 to date.

  • Sierra Cables PLC
  • Agora Securities (Pvt) Ltd
  • Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd
  • Entrust Group of companies
  • Cargills Bank
  • Business Machines Company (Pvt) Ltd